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About IIC


Simple · Stable · Diverse · Intelligent

First DApp under IIC
Global Leading Digital Asset Investment Banker


Support hundreds of digital asset


Own tens of thousands users


Millions USD management scale

Brokerage Service

Wallet, Trading, Market, Candy Distribution

Intelligent Investment and Consultation

Newsflash, Research Report, Market, Digital Currency Recommendation

Digital Asset Management

Fixed income Products, Non-fixed income Products

Equity Investment

Equity Investment Business, SSG

Institution Business

Coin Issuance Service, Mortgage Financing, Market Value Management

IICPay, dedicated to building the world's leading digital asset investment banker, is a distributed super DAPP under IIC financial ecosystem. It also offers digital currency market, trading, integrated digital asset investment wealth management products, wallet, personal center and other functions. It aims to provide digital currency investors and institutions with convenient, reliable, diversified and intelligent digital asset management services by creating a feature-rich and efficient one-stop digital asset management service platform.


m a r k e t i n g

One-click to open account, connect multiple exchanges, free trading, wise choice for investors


Master the latest ups and downs immediately, dig valuable assets, and seize the best investment opportunities in digital assets. Grasp the hidden trading sentiment, track the main capital trend, and master the listing trend


Quicker ordering speed, better trading price


Intelligent monitoring and management; provide diverse and high quality investing portfolio



i n v e s t m e n t

Risk Free FundRisk Free Fund

A fixed income coin-increasing fund. Strictly selected high-quality blockchain projects, it is a cooperated motivated product for coin holders with 0 risk and high yield

High Yield FundHigh Yield FundFloating income

An intelligent active management fund product launched by IICPay. It is able to develop intelligent asset management strategies through advanced mathematical models, computer technology and massive data to provide investors with sustained, stable and high yield

Stable Enhancement FundStable Enhancement FundFixed income

A pledge financing credit transfer fund product launched by IICPay. It is able to provide investors with stable and reliable income through strict selection of high-quality digital asset projects and strict risk control measures

Cross-chain Wallet

m y w a l l e t

All kinds of currency types

Support all kinds of currency of ERC20 and BTC

Secure storage

Equal to CFCA level standard, high level secure storage

Information security

25519 certificate binding ensures information exchange security


One-stop exchange and trading


Smart contract directly connects investment channel


C o m m u n i t y

Real trading contest

Big man small circle

Strategy shared by fund manager

Digital Asset Investment Academy